Well, at last, the Visas have arrived.   Both Little Mo and his father obtained Visas for United States.   See copy of their Visas attached to this email. I am purchasing their airline tickets for Saturday April 30th from Marrakech to New York City.

I shared this story with, Arlene McLaren who has since become a great supporter.  She is the ‘Angel’ of the month. Arlene took to Little Mo’s plight with vengeance.  She has become the person with whom I discuss different issues rising from the whole process.  It is wonderful having her take this journey with me.  She helped not only with a donation but also purchased a toddler bed and a car seat and to top it all, will deliver them to my house.  She called on her friends to donate clothes, toys and books for Little Mo.  Wow!  Thank you Arlene!  And to quote her “Many hands make light work”.

I would also like to thank Ruth Strubel.  She is retired teacher who wanted to help in a way that worked best for her. She shared the story of little Mo with her granddaughter.  This inspired her to send toys and books she had outgrown.  What a great family – so much compassion.

I called Jody Hall at Shriners Hospital as soon as I confirmed the Visas and date of arrival.  She is the coordinator between the hospital, Dr. Ddvaric and me.  Little Mo is scheduled to see Dr. Ddvaric for an initial evaluation on Thursday May 5th at 9 am.  Little Mo will probably go into bilateral long leg casts for a few weeks before any surgery.  The more the feet can be corrected with casting, the less invasive the surgery will be.  Long leg casts are so awkward and difficult for both the child and the parent.  These however are necessary as in short leg casts, the feet often slip out and the position is lost.

This week is going to be a busy week preparing the house.  I’ll continue to update with pictures of their arrival.

Thank you


P.S. The tickets were much more than I anticipated as I had to buy refundable tickets.  The recovery is different for all children.  If you would like to donate or know a friend who wants to be involved, please go to


Progress Report

The Haj and staff at the Kasbah de Toubkal (retreat in the High Atlas mountains) helped fill out the applications, obtained the pictures and other details for Moroccan passports.  Both father and son now have their Moroccan passports.

Dr. David Drvaric of Shriners’ hospital wrote a letter detailing the treatment and Shriners’ commitment to medically care for Little Mo.  I wrote a letter describing my role as sponsor and caretaker for Mo while he is in the United States for his surgery and recuperation. The online application for United States Visa has been filed. Now Little Mo and his dad go to the US Consulate office in Casablanca to present their case along with these letters and the application confirmations to finally obtain Visas for United States. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping there are no glitches.

I have attached to this email a copy of Little Mo’s passport so you can see firsthand the progress. (I deleted the numbers for safety).

Meanwhile at home, we are preparing for their arrival. Ace, our youngest daughter, is now thirteen.  As a consequence toys and safety features no longer decorate our home. We are shopping for playthings, musical toys and ‘boy stuff’ to entertain Little Mo while recuperating in long leg cast extending to his groin.  We will also need to purchase some clothing. Ace has started making picture flash cards for Little Mo. He will use them to communicate with us until he learns a few words in English.  We are trying to think of things we can do to make his stay with us easier.  We would appreciate your suggestions.

This opportunity for Little Mo is possible because of all of you and also, Piet Bloemer.  Piet is a gentleman from Amsterdam who was trekking the mountains, where Little Mo lives, when I saw this adorable little boy stumble to the ground and noticed his feet facing towards his derriere. Piet stayed back with me to find out details of the situation. As I was about to leave the mountains and he said en passant, “if you decide to help Little Mo, I will help you”.  True to his word, this man, a complete stranger, is now one of my greatest allies. I really appreciate his support. Thank you, Piet!

Thanks to all of you for your support and financial donations, Little Mo will most likely be arriving to the United States for treatment in April.   We are still short $2000 to meet our goal of covering the cost of flights, physical therapy, transportation, wheelchair, school for 2 months and other smaller details.

Please refer anyone who may wish to help or follow the progress of Little Mo’s recuperation to

In my next email, I will tell you about another Little Mo angel who recently made a wonderful gesture to help with this endeavor.  It is so wonderful to appreciate first hand the good in people.  Again, merci to all of you!

If you have any questions or want more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact me.