My name is Dr. Pier Boutin. I am an orthopaedic surgeon, with an office-based practice at The UltraWellness Center. During this holiday season, I am especially thankful for my family and the love around me. I appreciate all the opportunities open to me and I am grateful for the life I have here in the Berkshires with my family.

I recently met a four-year-old little boy, Mohamed, with severe Club Feet, and “a not so bright future.”

In the United States, this type of deformity would have been treated with casting as an infant, and his life would be completely normal. Mohamed, now older, desperately needs surgery to repair his feet; because he never had the opportunity for treatment.

He lives in the harsh far-off Haut Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Life in this area is very difficult. Running water and electricity do not reach the homes; the homes are made of mud, stones, and hay; occasional transportation means travelling by donkey; walnuts are the local currency. Mohamed’s life with club feet in such a terrain is doomed.

I would like to make surgery possible for this wonderful little boy with so much personality. His feet are completely correctable and surgery would give him the opportunity to make a life in the unforgiving mountains of his home.


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